The organisers cordially invite students (aged 10-16) to actively participate in the event. Students from 16 to 18 years cannot participate in the workshops, but can participate in the conference track and the idea marathon under certain conditions after consulting with the organisers. You can meet experts from Data Market Austria, IoT4CPS and Smart Living and engage with them in discussions about new developments in the respective area. The community events have an open and engaging format, insights from international audience is very welcome.

What does the event offer to students?

  • Students will have the possibility to see a real ICT conference and to directly engage in research.
  • Students will have access to all sessions of the European and national conference tracks including plenary sessions, as well as to the exhibition area which showcases European projects.
  • Specific timeslots for dedicated workshops will be offered. In the workshops, students will have the opportunity to develop various views on and visions of technological developments, including prototyping. Furthermore, there will be a special workshop aiming to introduce students to maker education, digital social innovation and entrepreneurial education by learning how to work creatively with digital tools (microchip, robotics, programing apps).
  • Students and adult ICT experts will participate in the idea marathon, a competition on visions for the future of ICT development
  • Students will receive professional coaching for presenting in public

Requirements for participating in the Imagine18 workshops:

  • It is expected that groups of students will attend the first two days of the event (4-5 Dec) together with one or several teachers.
  • For the idea marathon, it is expected that both students and adult experts will have worked on their ideas beforehand and prepared a presentation. We will provide time for students and adult experts to discuss these ideas and refine them together.
  • It is expected that some ideas (of single students, groups of students, or adult experts) will be presented jointly with representatives of the other age group at the idea marathon, e.g. poster supported storytelling, a real prototype, …
  • Since the conference is an English-speaking event, English language skills are required. This includes the willingness to communicate in English.
  • Attendance of the conference, including the workshops and catering are free of charge.
  • All other costs (preparatory work, travel costs, …) will have to be covered by attendees.

Imagine18 is co-organised by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). There is a limited number of places for participation in the workshops, but students can participate in the idea marathon without participating in the workshops.