Draft Conference Programme

Tuesday 04.Dec 18

16:00-17:00 technology bridging generations
16:00 - 16:10 Welcome by Michael Wiesmüller, BMVIT
16:10 - 16:30 George Metakides
16:30 - 16:50 Martina Mara, JKU
16:50 - 17:00 Martin Ebner, TU Graz
17:00-17:15 technology bridging co-operations
Stefan Rohringer, Vice President Infineon Technologies Austria AG
17:15-18:15 ECSEL II Technologies for Europe´s digital future

Wednesday 05.Dec 18

09:00-10:30 responsible AI of the Future
11:30-13:00 3 in 1 - Smart Living, Trustworthy IoT and Datamarket
11:30-14:30 5G & Beyond Deployment Contest
16:30-18:00 idea marathon
Klaus Pseiner, Managing Partner Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG

Thursday 06.Dec 18

13:00-13:30 awards ceremony

Responsible AI of the Future

The Session Responsible AI of the Future is the continuation of a session within the EBDVF2018. After an impulse statement presenting „Driving Forces for Responsible AI of the Future”, which have been identified in the preceding session at the EBDVF 2018, „Critical Uncertainties” among these driving forces will be discussed with an international expert panel and the audience.

Technology bridging generations

The first afternoon session is organised by ECSEL-Austria in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The first speech titled ‘Technology bridging generations’ is held by Professor DI Dr. Martin EBNER, Head Educational Technology, TU Graz. He is the outstanding expert of interactive systems and data sciences.

Technology bridging co-operations

The second speech ‘Technology bridging co-operations’ is given by DI Stefan ROHRINGER, Vice President Infineon Technologies Austria AG. Here, the focus is on AI applications in the industry.

ECSEL II Technologies for Europe´s digital future

The following panel will focus on the future ECSEL activities under the Joint Undertaking in Horizon Europe. Panelists are the European Commission, the Executive Director of ECSEL JU as well as national representatives from Austria, Sweden and other EC countries. The topic is the future orientation in the view of contents, handling and boundary conditions.

Data Market Austria

Experience a data market in all its facets : interact with the developers to learn how to expose data and services; interact with startups that work on exciting and innovative products that take advantage of the Data Market Austria. In a highly participative environment, learn from developers and business innovators how you can make the most of your data and services.

IoT4CPS “Safety & Security”

The IoT4CPS project aims to develop guidelines, methods and tools for secure IoT-based applications in the areas of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and Industry 4.0. In the course of the Imagine community session participants will be encouraged to engage in an interactive brainstorming about the overall topic of “Safety and Security”. Leading up to the discussion, the following issues and questions will be introduced by the project members:

  • “Why is safety and security important for autonomous driving?” (Omar Veledar, AVL)
  • “Connectivity Issues” (Edin Arnautovic, TTTech)
  • “IoT - Connecting real and digital world” (Mario Drobics, AIT)
  • “Digital Twin for Security and Safety in the Automotive Industry” (Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt, Salzburg Research)

AAL Pilot regions

AAL (Active and Assisted Living) products and services aim at promoting older people’s independence and social participation, improving their personal safety and well-being as well as supporting healthy lifestyles. Beyond their ability to support every-day activities and a successful integration into the personal life and daily routine within the target group, the development of holistic service concepts and sustainable business models are critical for successfully introducing AAL solutions to the market. Within the pilot regions RegionAAL, WAALTeR, Smart vitAALity and fit4AAL a wide range of AAL solutions is being evaluated in different regions and cities of Austria to provide clear evidence of the impact of AAL on individual, institutional and societal levels. Within the IMAGINE18 community session participants will be encouraged to discuss opportunities and challenges of AAL in the following areas:

  • Technologies for promoting physical activity (Cornelia Schneider, Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH)
  • Integrated Health Management – Anchoring Telemonitoring into AAL (Eco-)Systems (Johannes Oberzaucher, Institute for Applied Research on Ageing, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences)
  • Social interfaces as enabler for social integration (Markus Garschall, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH)
  • PLAYTIME – Opportunities of ICT in dementia care (Maria Fellner, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH)

5G & Beyond Deployment Contest

Photonics Austria organizes a small competition on the Roll-Out of a Beyond 5G infrastructure in a fictive town in the framework of Imagine 2018. Within the conference, two teams will present their Roll-Out concept to a jury as well as to the audience. Both teams will prepare their contribution upfront and are composed of members from different sectors of 5G industry as well as academia. After the hearing we will discuss some provocative theses with respect to the 5G Roll-Out, e.g. wireline vs. wireless, Software Defined Everything vs. ASIC based efficiency. Finally, the jury will present their judgement and the results of the public voting will be presented.

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