Sandro D’Elia

DG Connect, Head of Unit Competitive Electronics Industry

Sandro D'Elia

Working on digital technologies since 1983 (yes, I actually usedpunched cards). I started as a programmer for embedded systems,then worked on ERP and business and scientific software in manydifferent areas from manufacturing to aerospace, e-government,automotive, industrial automation and cultural heritage. I still pretend to understand how software should be designed.

I spent a significant part of my career as IT project manager, firstin the private sector and then in the IT service of the EuropeanCommission. In 2009 I moved to a position of programme officer.My current role has two main aspects: on one side I work on thedefinition and implementation of European policy in the area ofdigitisation of European industry; on the other side I evaluate,negotiate, control and support research and innovation projectsfinanced by the European Commission. I also contribute to thedrafting of the research and innovation workprogramme and toexternal communication of policy and research activities, andI represent the European Commission in the governing boardof ECSEL, a public-private partnership between Commission,European governments and industry associations supporting thedevelopment of electronics components and systems industry in theEuropean Union.

Main interests: Information and Communication Technologies,computing architectures, methodologies, open source, Europeanresearch and innovation policy, Internet, low-energy computing,autonomous cyber-physical systems, model-based design, cloudcomputing, project management, programme management, digitaltechnologies for industry.