The Session Responsible AI of the Future is the continuation of a session within the EBDVF2018.

EBDVF – Session: "Responsible AI of the Future" (Day 2) from EU2018AT on Vimeo.

After an impulse statement presenting „Driving Forces for Responsible AI of the Future”, identified in the preceding session at the EBDVF 2018, „Critical Uncertainties” among these driving forces will be discussed with an international expert panel and the audience.

In order to do so, the identified driving forces will be ranked in an “Impact-Uncertainty-Matrix” with the goal of identifying “Critical Uncertainties” among them that will be of high impact on the development of “Responsible AI” in the next 5-10 years.

  • Task: Impact-Uncertainty Analysis of Driving Forces in group discussion.
  • How: Ranking of the Driving Forces on an Impact-Uncertainty-Matrix.
  • The questions to be discussed: How important are the various driving forces and how uncertain is their development? What do you feel is uncertain but very important?
  • Result: Driving Forces are plotted on Impact-Uncertainty Matrix in order to visualize their relevance for possible future scenarios for “Responsible AI” and Critical Uncertainties among them are identified.